Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blueberries in bloom

Vaccinium uliginosum subsp microphyllum
July21 2017 Moose Skull Lake


Harmony said...

I just found your blog and I am loving it! I too love wild foods,and I'm just getting more and more into wild berries. In my gardening efforts, I am trying to grow some wild berries on my property, which has been fun to figure out. Your pictures are beautiful!

chief cook, bottle washer said...

Hi there

I'm a camp cook working off the top of the world highway and an inspired berry picker.

I have a question for you... because my books aren't giving me any insight.

So the other day I was mushroom picking off the side of one of roads that sort of winds it way up the side of a mountain. Off the side of the road I saw lots of low cranberries and mixed in there was also something that looks an awful lot like blueberries. The unripe berries are greenish/white and have ripened to blueberry blue. The bottom of the unripened berry is slightly indented.

When crushed the ripe berry had a purplish interior/juice that smelled a lot like a blueberry.

The bush is about one to two feet tall and has small leaves that go to a point at the end.

So it looks like a blueberry, smells like a blueberry... but really, it is way to early for blueberries. Isn't it? We've had nothing but rain for the past month. I had tea with a lady who has lived in this area for 20 years and she said that the raspberries always come before the blueberries. The cranberries near these "blueberries" in fruit as well.

Any ideas?

jozien said...

hmmm. it's hard to say.
But it sounds like a blueberry!, besides the leave coming to a point is also serrated?
I wonder if it is the vacccinium caespitosum. And when your raspberies are ripe, wow, then i say, so could be your blueberries.
I say, the more common blueberry in your neck of the woods is vaccinium uliginosum, it has oval leaves They all are here on this blog.

jozien said...

Thank you too Harmony for visiting my blog.

BlueAdept said...

I like your blog. I have my own little page about berries in the yukon at northernbushcraft.com. I hope you keep taking great photos of plants in the yukon, because not many people are doing what you do. Also, I would love to feature some of your photos on my webpage, or an article. Let me know if you have anything you want to cross-post.

Jozien Keijzer said...

wow, i had never seen this, or maybe i had totally forgotten about it. Yes feel free to use my photos , just let me know....so you did ask...I am sorry that i responded in the way i did. Jozien