Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cornus canadensis

2017 09 06
Kusawa ridge 
June 29, 2016
Not very common here, but i found this one along Elfin creek here.

I learn we have two kinds of bunchberries in the yukon

Petals cream proximally, purple distally; hypanthium densely hairy; distalmost leaves much larger than those at 2 more proximal nodes.Cornus unalaschkensis
Petals cream; leaves at 2d node from apex non-chlorophyllous, scalelike; sepals cream, membranous, apices rounded.

Cornus canadensis
The following one in Skagway, and  an Cornus unalaschkensis
 note the purple tips on the petals
and the leafs on the stem

The next  ones a Cornus canadensis 

along the Kusawa road, June 21 2017