Saturday, September 19, 2009

Juniper berries

Juniperis communis ssp alpina
Cupressaceae cypres family
Kusawa sept 16 2009

Ah, so Juniperus is a relative to the big Cypress tree, i learn something everyday :)

And I realize there are 3 different kinds of Juniper berry bushes.

I use the berries cooking wild meat, adding a few.
In the winter i will once in a while make a potent tea.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

water melon berry

twisted- stalk

Streptopus amplexifolius ssp americanus
Liliaceae lily family

Sept 7 2009, Rainy Hollow (BC)

mmmmm such a delightful berry
taste; sweet and watery
but is edible!
and the jelly very delicious, but for years now i haven't picked enough of them to make jelly.
This morning we had them in pancakes, with other Rainy Hollow berries

The berries first yellow then red and later dark.

trailing black currant

Yet another black currant
It took me forever to positively identify this one,
but now i see it, it is kind of obvious.

Ribes laxiflorum
formerly saxifragaceae saxifrage family
now Grossulariaceae, bittersweet family

Sept 7 2009 Rainy Hollow (BC)

laxus - loose, distant

It looks like this bush has dropped most of its berries, or have they been eaten?
Very unlikely by people, i find that this berry is yet harder to get to than the blueberries in Rainy Hollow. And not that abundant.
I find the taste superior to that of the black currants around my house, which are R. hudsonianum and R. lacustre.

tall blueberry

just another picture of my favorite berry
vaccinium ovalifolium
Rainy Hollow sept 7 2009

dwarf blueberry

(called dwarf bilberry by Cody)

vaccinium caespitosum
Ericaceae heath family

September 7 2009
Haines Summit (BC)

caespitosum - mat forming