Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saskatoon berry

Amelanchier alnifolia
rose family
August 30 2008, East shore of Little Atlin Lake, underneath Mt. White.
top photo: Sept. 1, Tagish road on top of high bank facing South.
I like the taste of this berry very much, to me it taste like marzipan , which is made from almonds. First time I came upon this most abundant berry was North of Regina.
Here in the Yukon I haven't seen it quite like that.
What you see in the bottom photo, is the best I have ever seen them here.
I come upon this berry bush in different locations, in grassy open forest, here on the property it is native too.
The shape of the bush is often quite tall and sort of spindly. At Atlin lake up to 2m. high.
For eating: As they are!
and I will use a recipe for apple crisp, replacing the apple for berries, most delicious!
Coming Spring I will add a picture of the blossoms, which are white in most beautiful racemes.
alnifolia means leaves like from the alder(Alnus).
Common names : Saskatoon, Serviceberry.

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